Elaborate is a programme that every business lady or potential business lady can benefit from. This programme is designed in 5 stages;

1. Financial Literacy/Entrepreneurship begins with you.

We chose to start with this because for every business to kick off, you need capital. We will further provide a platform where you can get a second opinion on that business idea you have or the plans to expand the business you already have running from a Professional Business Consultant.

2. Business models/The power of planning

The second stage will be a sneak peak on the current business models and Business Canvas Model

3. Business Management and Project management

The third stage is a workshop on business management strategies

4. Market Placing/Pitching and Funding

The fourth stage will be training on raising capital and modern market placing strategies running from the current state of doing business.

5. Networking & Mentorship

The final stage will be an open networking forum, where we will provide a platform for you to interact with those who have already made it in the business community; an opportunity for you to meet your mentors and role models.

In the forms your will fill out at the end of the 1st stage we will ask you to name at least two men or women you’d like to interact with in the business community in Kenya, Ghana and NamibiaThis will guide us in inviting the right people to attend the networking forum.